The Roma Lawyers Association has different target groups:

  • As a Primary-direct target group of the Association are Roma law students and graduates of Law faculties from the North Republic of Macedonia. The primary target group represents the membership of the organization;

  • As in-direct target group are: Roma community in Republic of Macedonia;

  • Associates, Collaborators and Partners: Accredited law schools, faculties and universities; law firms; Law Associations and CSO’s; local, national and international Law Bar Association;

  • Public Institutions, Agencies, bodies on local and national level which are working in the field of law, rule of law and human rights and national and international Donors and Organizations in the field of law, rule of law and human rights protection, advocacy and lobby etc;

  • As final beneficiary of the Roma Lawyers Association’s work and focus are the primary-direct target group and the Roma Community in Republic of Macedonia.