• Law on Administrative servants

    The subject of this law are the status, classification, employment, promotion, professional development and training, measurement of the effect and other issues related to the employment of administrative employees.

    The subject of this law is the status and competence of the Agency for Administration.

  • Law on Safety at Work

    This law determines the measures for safety and health at work, the obligations of the employer and the rights and obligations of the employees in the field of safety and health at work, as well as the preventive measures against occupational risks, elimination of risk factors for accident, information, consultation, training of workers and their representatives and their participation in the planning and undertaking of safety and health measures at work.

    The purpose of this law is to introduce measures that will encourage the improvement of safety and health at work.

  • Labor Inspection Law

    This law regulates the organization and work of the State Labor Inspectorate, which performs inspections on the application of laws and other regulations on labor relations, employment and protection at work and collective agreements, employment contracts and other acts that regulate and exercise the rights, obligations and responsibilities of workers and employers in the field of labor relations, employment and safety at work, as well as inspection supervision over the performance of unregistered activity.

  • Law on inspection supervising

    This law regulates the basic principles of inspection, status, competence and operation of the Inspection Council, the organization and management of inspection services, monitoring, control and coordination of the work of inspection services, the status and employment of inspectors, licenses and inspectors, the obligations of the inspector (the system of payroll inspections of the inspectors, the system for professional development and training of inspectors), the performance of the inspector, the rights and obligations of the inspectors in performing inspections, the procedure of inspections, special actions in inspections procedure, the relations of the inspection services and the competent authorities, as well as the implementation of the law.

  • Law on employment relations

    This law regulates the employment relations between workers and employers that are established by concluding an employment contract. The employment relationship is regulated by this and other law, collective agreement and employment contract.

    The purpose of the law is to include workers in the work process, as well as to ensure harmonized conduct of that process, while respecting the right of workers to freedom of labor, dignity and protection of the interests of workers in employment.

  • Law on Employment and Insurance in Case of Unemployment

    This law regulates the issues of labor exchange, the rights and obligations of the employer, the unemployed, other jobseekers and the state, in relation to employment and insurance in case of unemployment and other issues of importance for employment.

    Everyone has the right to access to employment, without any limitation, in accordance with the principle of equal treatment, set out in the Labor Code and other laws. According to the principle of equal treatment, discrimination in employment on the basis of marital status, family status, skin color, gender, language, political or other beliefs, activity in trade unions, nationality, social status, disability, age, ownership, social or other status.

  • Law on protection from harassment in the workplace

    This law regulates the rights, obligations and responsibilities of employers and employees regarding the prevention of psychological and sexual harassment in the workplace and the workplace (hereinafter: harassment in the workplace), measures and procedure for protection against harassment in the workplace. place, as well as other issues related to the prevention and protection from harassment in the workplace.

    The purpose of the Law is to prevent and protect against mental and sexual harassment in the workplace, ie the place of work and providing a healthy work environment.